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Have you been shaken by the fact that in just 5 short weeks, 2012 will be another memory and 2013 will be upon us? Amazing! As I get more seasoned, the old adage “time flies” has surely become more and more a reality.

Our reward though comes from the knowledge and experience we gain in the form of new opportunities. In “Ernie’s Journey”, we call it having your antennas up.

My witty friend and writing partner, Don Greeson, mentioned to me earlier this year that many times, opportunity is only rewarded when “we are actually at the bus stop when the bus comes by.”

Were you at the bus stop when your bus came by in 2012? No excuses here, although it remains true that we often don’t know what we don’t know. You know?

With 2013 coming fast, you might take some time to write down what bus you want to come by. There is magic in writing it down, and I’ve learned by personal experience that if we are specific about what we seek in regards to family, finances, health, relationships, spiritual, and fun goals, good things happen.

Keep an eye out for that bus. 2013 is going to be a wonderful year ……….. smiles and have a terrific week…………..Mark

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