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It seems that I’ve been running into a rash of really bad service lately. In every situation, the company and employees would not accept the possibility that there was an alternative to making a poor customer service decision. They chose instead to just follow their company policy. The guilty parties included Walgreen (3 times), Dish Network, Verizon (twice), and a couple of hotels.

Rather than bore you with the stories, I’d rather share what we should all being doing.

In Jeffrey Gitomer’s terrific book, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless – Customer Loyalty is Priceless, Jeffrey shares his secret to successful customer service.

Start with YES……..before you answer any customer service question, you should first think:

The best way to get that done is……….

The fastest way to get that done is……….

The easiest way to get that done is………

After all, isn’t yes what you want to hear when you are the customer?

Remember, no company policy manual will ever cover every customer service scenario and in most situations, you need a free thinker to make a great decision. Reward your free thinkers rather than punish them. You’ll gain happier customers and your repeat and referral business will likely increase dramatically…………..just take some time and think about how it applies to you……..oh, and by the way, I’ve had some good experiences too!…………smiles and have a great week………Mark

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