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Recently, I’ve been thinking about all the work and energy folks put into hiring, counseling their clients, or every time we set goals with our spouse and children, and I recalled a principle from way back in my memory banks (I wish I could share with you the source, but alas, it avails me).

If you want to reduce your stress and improve your chance of success, consider the rule of E=MC2…………..which goes like this.

E = Expectations – Can or will they meet your minimum expectations? Are they capable of exceeding them? If not, should you be seeking another alternative?

M = Motivation – Are they self motivated or will it take assistance and scheduled encouragement from you?

C = Cooperative – Are they willing and able to work with you and others when needed or as expected?

(2)Squared = Coachable + Communication – Do they have the right attidude (did you read Ernie’s Journey?) necessary to succeed or can they be coached to success? Can you communicate with them in a positive and clear manner? Can they do the same with you?

Our lives are full of goal setting opportunities and it is rare when we achieve through our own individual efforts. The next time you need assistance to succeed, consider the E=MC2 rule before plunging forward. It might just save you a whole lot of pain………..stay in touch and have a great week!………………….Mark

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