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On Monday, I spent a little over an hour talking with an excellent tech support person with Verizon trying desperately to repair my wife’s air card (once you get use to being connected 24/7, how can you ever go back?).

Angelica, a young, pleasant, wise, and very patient young woman from Salt Lake City talked me (a not so technologically proficient middle aged man) through step after step with no success.

Having tried everything else, she had me do a soft reset. Alas, still no success. The only alternative left was to return the unit for replacement and a hard reset. In other words, it likely meets the trash bin!

I’ve thought a couple of times since that experience how a soft and hard reset applies to our lives.

A soft reset helps solve minor problems and strange behavior. Evaluate, adjust, apologize, and move on with a smile. If you are like me, you should be doing that every day.

 A hard reset is like a defibrillator. Wipe the data and start over. If you understand how the brain works, that’s not so easy to do, and a dump bin is not a positive alternative.

The key to happiness and success is to be constantly prepared for soft resets. Allowing our decisions and circumstances to reach the point of a hard reset leads to real discomfort and misery.

So why not consider programming a pause several times each day to ponder and listen. Is it time for a reset?

Evaluate, adjust, apologize, and move on with a smile. Do it regularly and you will never have to worry about a hard reset!

I’m hoping all is well in your world………..stay in touch and have a great week………………….Mark

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