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suc·cess / səkˈses


  1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  2. The attainment of popularity or profit.

Success is defined as a noun, but I would argue that it has clear elements of being a verb.

Even the thought of being successful at anything causes us to consider writing lists and creates positive action.

We all crave it, and yet, success for you is often defined differently than success for others.

Just think what our lives would be like if we couldn’t document a list of personal success stories and I’m confident you could tell at least a dozen great stories right now.

So, with all that in mind, the most consistently successful people I know have traits that are worth considering. Here is a list of what I find works in no particular order:

Time to set goals

Time to plan

Time to study

Time to relax and reenergize

Time to nurture relationships

Time to exercise

Time to reflect and reevaluate

It’s interesting that success really comes down to how you and I spend our time. Are you spending yours wisely? I hope so. Let me know if you have anything you would add to the list………….smiles and have a great week………………..Mark

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