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We’re All Selling Something (A Non-Cynical Thought)

Even if you don’t consider yourself in sales, we’re all selling every day.
It may not be a product or service, but it’s likely in the form of a friendship or relationship.
Sometime back I learned 5 Fundamentals to Successful Sales and I believe you could benefit by knowing them as well.
1. Acquire – focus on your ideal or target market or person
2. Optimize the experience – make it a WOW
3. Retain by never ignoring them
4. Cultivate the relationship by treating them very special
5. Build repeat and referral by teaching them how and when to share the good news
These 5 fundamentals appear simple, but apparently they’re not.
If they were, every business would be profitable, every friendship would flourish, and no relationship would ever crumble.
Consider how many ways you can apply this.
Make them a priority, put them to work and I wager you’ll create some wonderful stories to tell (and I not much of a betting man)!
Smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking…………….Mark

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