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When it Comes to Communicating

I’m in Davenport, Iowa City (go Hawkeyes), and Cedar Rapids, Iowa this week speaking to master sales people about maximizing their results in business communication and negotiation.
Iowa folks are just like you……..good people trying to consistently project their best.
So here’s a couple of things I shared with them.
“When it comes to great communication, put your brain in gear before you put your mouth in motion.”
More often than not, it isn’t in your best interest to “tell it the way you see it!”
You can master your communication and negotiation skills with a four step process. It’s simple (but not simplistic).
1. Take their pulse by asking a great open ended question
2. Really listen to what they say in response, seeking their “why”, not their what
3. Pause and think before you speak or email or text (the silence can be frightening)
4. Shorten your response utilizing less words with more clarity
If you’re out in the world, you’re communicating and negotiating every day, so you need to be on our A game when opportunity is smacking you in the face.
I’m pretty confident that when you’re concentrating on being your best, you already get it right more often than you blunder…….so nice job……..keep it up!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking………………………..Mark

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