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Your Life and the Archer’s Paradox

The physics of archery is more than just shooting an arrow at a target.
A Master Archer will account for the oscillation of the arrow during the release in order to consistently hit the target.
A Master Archer will consider the quality of his tools and the current conditions.
Life is much like an archer’s paradox.
When we don’t take the time to consider what’s really happening, or what’s really being said, or our current reality, a paradox sets in and distracts us from reaching our full potential.
We’ll be off target.
Although ready, fire, aim works in some circumstances………ready, aim, fire most often gives us the highest and best results.
When you take the time to practice, prepare, and provide yourself with the right tools, you’ll hit your bullseye much more consistently.
Show a little patience. you deserve the BEST life and work has to offer!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking………….Mark

archer's paradox

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