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Your Predictability

Great service, good service, mediocre service, and just plain lousy service…….
If we rate service experiences from 0 to 10, you might consider great service as a 9 or 10, good service a 7 or 8, mediocre service could likely be a 5 or 6, and anything below a five would fall into just plain lousy.
What does that have to do with predictability?
We’ve grown accustomed to preparing ourselves for the experience we’re getting ready to have as we’re forced to deal with many service people, companies, and organizations.
You know what I mean and you can name the companies………..and people.
These folks run their businesses in Reactive mode rather than delivering Proactive service.
Place yourself in the great category by predicting and anticipating your customer’s needs before they ask the question. Solve the problem they don’t realize they’re going to have.
Stop being a problem solver and replace it with being a “Problem Finder”.
Predictability and Anticipation are better than just speed of service or quality of product.
Have a brain storming meeting with your team and then have a conversation with your customer before your customer asks for help.
Tell them the obstacles they’re likely going to experience and show them ahead of time how you are prepared to help them overcome it.
Our customers are looking for superheroes. Show them you are one!
Why not make it a priority?
Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking…………..Mark
P.S. This principle applies equally to our families.


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