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I work with people that want to IDENTIFY and ACHIEVE their PRIORITIES.

Motivational Speaker, Real Estate Expert, and Sales Hero…

Mark Given has witnessed the drastic shifts in business over the last 25 years. He can answer the questions that keep you up at night. What drives success anyway? As a leader, an entrepreneur, or an organization, how do you successfully navigate the market you serve? How do you stay focused? How can you be a hero to your customers? The answer? Leading with a passionate prioritized plan. "IT", the passionate plan, is a prioritized set of objectives focused on a clearly articulated outcome. Setting priorities must be a priority. Writing down clear, executable goals and communicating the "why" will drive "IT" forward. With over three decades of speaking, training, and real-life in the trenches business experience, Mark’s view is radically different. Mark appreciates and shares with his audiences, that leading with a passionate plan is a moment-to-moment choice. Just doing "IT", requires courage, tenacity, and superhero powers. Make "IT" a priority!

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 Motivational Speaking

Passionate Speaking Presentations
to Elicit Positive Attitudes,
Greater Awareness
and Ultimately Prioritized Actions
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 Real Estate Mastery
  • Customized Training
  • Certified Residential Specialist Courses
  • Realtors and Accredited Buyer’s Representative Offerings

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 Sales Mastery

Mark Given's wealth of experience in leadership, management, stakeholder relations, marketing, and sales positions him to have a detailed understanding of the challenges and systems necessary to succeed with today’s knowledgeable and demanding consumer.
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